We Buy Used Cars for Cash

At Sell My Used Car Austin, ridding yourself of your used vehicle is as easy as pie. With our easy and convenient three-step process, you’ll be on the road to a brand new vehicle in no time!

How Do I Get Started?

Just give us a call at (512) 947-1947 and let one of our professional evaluators know that you’re ready to sell your car for cash. We’ll ask some questions and evaluate the information you give us to arrive at a top-dollar quote.

How Long Will It Take?

In most cases you’ll get a quote within one business day. If you accept the offer early, we can usually come to you within a day to pick up your vehicle and drop off your cash. (In some cases it can take a bit longer, depending on your location and other factors.)

What Will It Cost Me?

Nothing! Sell My Used Car Austin does not charge towing fees, paperwork fees or handling fees. The quote we give you is the exact amount you’ll receive when we arrive to pick up your car – with ZERO fees deducted.

What Will You Need from Me?

We’ll need a copy of your license and the title to your vehicle before we can give you the cash. If you’re not the owner of the vehicle, a power of attorney and a couple of other identifying items will be needed.

Are you Legit?

Absolutely. Sell My Used Car Austin is fully licensed and insured, and we follow all regulations set forth by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Our staff is professional and experienced, and we enjoy a strong reputation with both the buyers and sellers that we’ve dealt with in the past.

What if My Car is Broken Down or Wrecked?

At Sell My Used Car Austin, we buy vehicles of any condition. It doesn’t matter what year, make, model or state of repair your car is in – we want to buy it! Give us a call today to sell your car and get started on the road to a whole new vehicle!